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The MIT School Access and Quality Fellowship program supports K-12 education professionals working in enrollment and performance offices. Over two years, fellows meet annually at MIT to discuss education policy research and share best practices. Through these gatherings, we seek to strengthen connections between effective practice and informative research. 

Fellowship Tracks

Annual training and networking sessions are held on MIT campus in Cambridge, MA.


Fellows have access to a variety of learning activities that they can tailor to fit their needs. During the annual MIT School Access and Quality Summit, SEII offers two days of workshops, lectures, panel sessions, and activities. All session topics fall into two themes: evaluating school performance and unifying enrollment.

How can we measure school performance and effectiveness? How can K-12 education leaders effectively communicate these metrics with families?


These are just some of the questions addressed in sessions devoted to evaluating school performance. Fellows will problem-solve with peers across the U.S. and hear from leading researchers. In exclusive workshops, fellows will also learn to compare school impact measurement methods and develop a practical understanding of statistical techniques such as value-added models (VAM). This knowledge will allow leaders to identify the school quality measures most appropriate for their region. The curriculum for these workshops is based on the cutting-edge work of SEII research faculty, including Joshua Angrist, a leading econometrics expert.

School Performance
Unified Enrollment

How can cities design school enrollment systems that ensure access to high-quality schools for every student?


Fellowship activities that fall under this category equip enrollment professionals with the skills to design, carry out, and analyze unified enrollment systems. Whether an organization is in the midst of revamping their system, or simply exploring potential options, the training at MIT presents common strategies, challenges, and solutions to designing efficient and transparent enrollment processes. Fellows will develop a deeper understanding of enrollment algorithms and weigh the pros and cons of different policies. The curriculum is based on the pioneering work of SEII research faculty, including Parag Pathak.


Lectures & Panels


Networking Events

Case Consultancies


Group Discussions

Our Team

The MIT School Access and Quality Fellowship draws on expertise from academic researchers and policy leaders alike, including affiliates of the MIT School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative (SEII). For a full list of affiliates, see the SEII website.

Joshua Angrist

Ford Professor of Economics, MIT

Co-Director, MIT School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative

Parag Pathak

Jane Berkowitz Carlton and Dennis William Carlton Professor of Microeconomics, MIT

Co-Director, MIT School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative


Learn more about Josh

Learn more about Parag

Become a Fellow

Participation in the fellowship is by invitation only. Nominees will be notified by the MIT School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative.


To be eligible, you must:  

Work in a performance or enrollment office within a US K-12 school district or non-profit

Have some familiarity with performance measures or unified enrollment systems

Be intellectually curious and passionate about expanding student access to high quality schools